hannah yassky


b. 1986, HK.






Hannah Yassky is a graphic designer, general creative, and problem solver living and working in New York City.

She loves the challenge of combining the tactility and dimension of traditional production techniques with her digital design work.

She is currently working at High Tide in NYC.

Her design for Godspeaking photo zine was featured in Behance's InDesign gallery and Graphic Design gallery (Editorial category). 


Godspeaking photo zine created for Pinkslip was featured on Thisispaper Magazine.


Her Seb Brown Posters were featured in the
poster category of Behance's Graphic Design gallery.   


A series of black and white photographs and prints were chosen
to be featured in a juried exhibition showcasing student work from
photography programs spanning 15 Boston campuses. Shown at the
BU Photo Resource Center in March 2016.